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What is Herbalife?

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The products

The Herbalife Formula 1 Shake mix is a meal replacement taken in conjunction with Formula 2 which is a multivitamin. The Formula 1 shake mix is basically food in another form and together with the Formula 2 multivitamin they form the basis for your healthy Cellular Nutrition. The concept of Cellular Nutrition is simple, by supporting and improving the health of your villi in your small intestine you are able to absorb nutrients better and the more nutrients you absorb the healthier you are and the better you feel.

Herbalife is not just a calorie controlled diet shake like so many other products on the market but a scientifically formulated meal replacement designed to give you all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to get you looking and feeling your best. This is also why all kinds of people are using Herbalife products not just people losing weight but also people who want to maintain their weight, get more energy and also improve their sports and fitness performance.

The History

Herbalife was started in the 80’s by a man named Mark Hughes. Mark had felt a real passion to create some safe and reliable weight loss products after his mother tragically passed away from taking a cocktail of uppers and downers as well as weight loss pills in order to lose a few kilos for her acting rolls.

Eventually Mark went China to study the practice of using herbs to improve health and brought this knowledge back to America to work with scientists and doctors to develop the Herbalife products.

Driven by his desire to succeed Mark started selling his products out of the back of his car and became the first Herbalife Distributor. The products really caught momentum and Mark then enlisted the help of others to help sell his products and these people also become Herbalife Distributors.

Herbalife today

Today Herbalife is a multibillion dollar company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange which is quite a prestigious honour as you may only be listed by invitation. Herbalife also sponsors many famous sporting personalities and teams around the world from Australian Olympians, racing car drivers and even international football stars like Leo Messi and David Beckham former Manchester United and now LA Galaxy player. As part of their sponsorship these players and teams use the Herbalife products daily to help their performance in their chosen field.

Herbalife is in 87 countries and there are 2.3 million distributors worldwide which make and share in Billions of dollars of revenue each year and remarkably this all came from the vision of a single inspired man.

For more on the Herbalife story please go to http://www.herbalifeww.com/au/about-herbalife/story_landing.asp

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